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107.The Father of the KWV

15th May 2024

DR. C.W.H. KOHLER 1862 – 1952 Chairman of the K.W.V. :  1918 – 1952 Compiled by Irma Jordaan…

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106.Montagu Coat of Arms

1st May 2024

Updated 07/05/2024 This article started with a WhatsApp message from Montagu resident Avril Elkington to Montagu Stories: Do…

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105.KJV Koo, Distrik  Montagu 1953 – 1964

15th April 2024

Die Koo Joernaal-storie het in 2022 begin. Mariette Le Roux het ‘n huldeblyk aan haar ouers (Joey en…

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104.Limerieks uit ’n plattelandse dorp

1st April 2024

Van die digbundel: Geniet, Genot, Genietinge © Kopiereg 2016 Geskryf deur Anelma Kriel-Oosthuizen November 2016 Foto: Maart 1993…

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103.Thomas Bain

15th March 2024

THOMAS BAIN (1830-1893) : PIONEER ROADBUILDER (A talk presented to a joint meeting of APES,  SA Institute of…

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102.The Spanish Flu in Montagu

1st March 2024

Updated 05/03/2024 Emeritus Professor Howard Phillips is a graduate of the University of Cape Town and the University…

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101.Die Jordaans van Het Kruis

15th February 2024

Deur Irma Jordaan Die Jordaanfamilie van Montagu is een van die oudste families in die Montagu- omgewing, waar…

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100.CBR – Scheme (English)

1st February 2024

The CBR story is based on the prospectus published in 2006  100th Story My thanks to my WIFE,…

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100.CBR – Scheme (Afrikaans)

1st February 2024

Die CBR-verhaal is gebaseer op die prospektus wat in 2006 gepubliseer is 100ste Storie My dank aan my…

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99.Die Kriel’s van Derdeheuwel

15th January 2024

ONS FAMILIE NAME EN ʼn PAAR ANDER DINGE Erika Janse 2023 Ons Kriel familienaam was eers Grill wat…

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